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About us

Public Prime LTD is a very promising investment company with a great potential for extensive growth. The main activities of our company are the trading of stock on the Nasdaq Global Market and precious metals such as Gold, Silver etc. What is NASDAQ? It's a global electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities, where dozens of financial products around the world are licensed. NASDAQ is the 2nd-largest exchange in the world by market capitalization. Nasdaq's Market Capitalization is $10.73 Trillion as of April 2018. We invest in the stable companies included in the Nasdaq 100 Index. It is a basket of the 100 largest, most actively traded and well-known companies listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

These include companies from a wide array of industries (biotechnology, industrial, technology, health care and others) except for the financial industry. The Nasdaq-100 Index is home to some world-famous companies in technology like Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and the companies on the forefront of innovation such as Tesla, Celgene, Gilead Sciences etc. Technology companies account for about 50% of the index?s weight, but all listed companies?regardless of sector?are disrupting markets with innovative new technologies and have a history of accelerating change with out-of-the-box ideas and robust business solutions.

Public Prime LTD provides a thorough analysis of the most profitable shares and securities that can guarantee a regular income for both the company and its investors. For proper trade need theoretical knowledge and understanding of economic trends, and we have all this knowledge, the competence and the talent to do so. We use colossal experience our employees who know the very basic principle of the stock market and how to provide a sustainable return with very minimal risk, and we have set ourselves target on becoming the 'big player' on this market for the near bright future. But in addition, Public Prime LTD has been taking certain steps towards extending its commercial interests on related sectors of business by placing investments in young emerging companies using innovative and environmental technologies.

All these actions guarantee high returns consolidated from different sources. This also provides an opportunity to combine investment efforts redistributing investment capital to directions depending on commercial and trend situations at any investment sites at any given time. We offer our investors new opportunities for reaching material well-being based on earning a passive income from investing in Public Prime LTD. Private investments will help to increase the amount of monthly income, by increasing the active transactions on the Nasdaq Stock Market, and to increase the volume of precious metals purchased as well as the shares of young emerging companies. Our characteristics are independence, reputation, creativity, the highest level of competence of our employees and quest to dominate all business directions which are matters of interest to the company. Keep the trails open, so join NOW!